The $100 Dollar Club Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: When did The $100 Dollar Club open?
Answer: January 2018

Question: How much does The $100 Dollar Club cost?
Answer: $139 for a Lifetime membership.

Question: What is your Refund Policy?
Answer: We have a strict "NO REFUND" policy.

Question: Is this program World wide?
Answer: No. We are only available in the USA.

Question: Why is my NAME not showing on the Sign Up page?
Answer: You have NOT Passed Up a sale yet and you are not qualified.

Question: Why do all the payments go to the Owner?
Answer: Because the Owner needs to direct Pass Up sales to the proper recipients.

Question: Will you send me a 1099 form?
Answer: No. All members are Independent Contractors and should report their own earnings.

Question: When will I get paid?
Answer: Provided you are qualified I will send you a $100 money order Monday through Friday.

Question: Do you guarantee I will make money?
Answer: No. People who make guarantees that you will make money are not being truthful.

Question: Are you open 24/7/365?
Answer: No. I work Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. P.S.T.

Question: Why do you close our sales for us?
Answer: Because I am good at it and I do not mislead people.

Question: I have a question that was not answered here. What should I do?
Answer: Call the Owner. Brad 1-541-590-3826

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